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Olivine Community is active across California through local energy programs and a statewide initiative. Find out about programs in your town below or sign up for our mailing list to learn about soon-to-be-launching programs in Lancaster and Richmond. Don’t see your community listed? Enroll for the statewide Olivine Energy Program today!

CPA Power Response Program

Customers of the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) Power Response can earn money and reduce their energy costs by joining the CPA Power Response Program. The program, which allows CPA to tap into clean energy resources and contribute to grid resiliency, is available to residential electric customers, small and medium businesses (SMB), and municipal and large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Incentives are available to customers with smart thermostats, energy storage systems and electric vehicle chargers for automated energy demand reductions during peak use periods. Customers who become members of the Olivine Community can also use the app to receive notifications prompting them to take simple actions to reduce energy.  Learn more at these links residential customers or commercial customers.

To join, visit or download from the App Store.

Fresno Energy Program

Pacific Gas & Electric customers can earn up to $250 by sharing how they use energy and taking simple actions to reduce energy use when asked. Residents living in zip codes: 93701, 93702, 93703, 93704, 93706, 93725, and 93728 can enroll and stay connected using the Olivine bilingual app either on a Smart Phone or through a computer. The app helps Olivine Community members to visualize home electricity use, receive energy saving event notifications, and understand the positive impacts of their energy saving actions for cleaner air in the Central Valley. Energy saving events happen when the demand for electricity is greater than what power plants can supply. Rather than starting up a new plant, which causes pollution, we ask the Olivine Community to reduce energy use by turning down the AC, delay using the dryer or the dishwasher, or turning off the lights. Residential customers can learn more at

To join, visit or download from the App Store.

Sonoma Clean Power Grid Savvy Community

Join Sonoma Clean Power’s (SCP) GridSavvy Community to earn rewards for installing smart devices like EV charging stations, heat pump water heaters, and smart thermostats in your home. With SCP able to remotely control these devices, the GridSavvy Community enables more of our community to be powered by local, clean energy. Customers who connect at least one technology listed below and enroll in the GridSavvy Community may qualify to receive a $5 monthly bill credit.  To learn more and join, visit

To join, visit or download from the App Store.

Olivine Energy Program

The Olivine Energy Program is a statewide program that allows California’s residential and commercial electric customers, who don’t have a local program, to earn rewards for local charities while taking simple actions to save energy during peak use times. You can learn about your energy usage and how small actions can make a difference. Olivine will also help you identify and access incentives or rebates for which you may be eligible. Participants in the Olivine Energy program are notified during times of high energy demand and will be asked to reduce energy usage.  Participation in any of these energy savings events is completely voluntary. Currently, we are accepting customers of Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, but will be adding other utility service areas soon.

For 2020, any proceeds associated with your participation in Olivine’s Energy Program will be donated to non-profit organizations to fight climate change, promote clean air and help low-income residents. 75% will be donated to charities such as food banks local to our community members and 25% to the Coalition for Clean Air.

To join, visit or download from the App Store.