Frequently Asked Questions


Program Questions

Am I enrolled once I signup on the app?

We will need to verify the information entered during the signup process, mainly your zipcode, as well as ensure that we can receive your meter data from PG&E. Once we have verified both of these items, we can complete the enrollment process and officially enroll you in the program.

How long does it take to verify my enrollment?

It may take us up to a week to verify enrollment; this depends on how quickly we can receive your meter data from PG&E.

Can multiple people in my household enroll?

No, only one person per household can enroll, participate, and qualify for program incentives; however, all members of your household may sign up for the app to get access to home energy usage data.

Do I have to do all the action items (surveys, home energy study) if I enroll?

No. You can choose do any combination of actions to earn rewards except for the second survey which is for those who participate in the Home Energy Study.

Can I leave the study after I enroll?

Yes. You can disenroll at any time. Contact us to let us know you no longer want to participate.

If I participate in the home energy study, will someone come to my home?

No. The Home Energy Study is simply a way for us to view your energy use data. We do this through data generated online by your PG&E meter.

Do I need to pay for the app when the study is over?

No. The app is free and remains on your phone as long as you desire.

Will I need to buy anything to enroll or participate?

No. You will never need to buy anything to earn rewards, or participate in the program.

How long does the program run?

The program officially runs from July 23 through December 15.

What’s the purpose of the Community Energy Initiative?

The purpose of the Community Energy Initiative is to study and understand how different types of households use energy, and how well those households can respond to requests for simple actions to reduce energy. Knowing more about how well households can respond to requests to reduce energy, like raising the temperature on your air conditioning for an hour or two, will help us and others design programs to reduce reliance on highly polluting gas power plants.

I’m concerned about my privacy. What will you do with the information you collect?

We are concerned about your privacy, too. Any information we collect will never be made public in any way that can be used to identify you. All information will be aggregated and made anonymous.. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Can I find out the results of the study?

Certainly! Contact us and we will send you the results when they are available.


I referred a friend, but I haven’t received my reward yet. When will I get my reward?

We will email you your bonus reward once your friend is enrolled. In order to enroll, your friend must meet all the qualifications for the program. If your friend is having difficulty enrolling, please ask them to contact us or by phone at 888-349-9009 and we can help them.

Can I refer someone outside of the zip codes?

The program is only available to individuals living in the designated zip codes.

How can I use my VISA e-gift card?

You can use your VISA e-gift card for online shopping the same as you would for a regular credit card.


I'm a customer of Marin Clean Energy/East Bay Community Energy. Can I still open an online PG&E account?

Yes! Customers of Marin Clean Energy, East Bay Community Energy, or PG&E can create an online PG&E account.

How do I know if I have a PG&E account?

You are a PG&E customer if you have a home energy account in your name. Your energy provider can be either PG&E or Marin Clean Energy.

My name isn’t on my home’s PG&E account. Can I still enroll?

Yes, as long as you have access to your PG&E online account or have the information necessary to create one, which can be found on your energy bill. If you need help setting up an online account, please use the PG&E customer support number: 1 (800) 743-5000

Using the App

Can I have an account on my phone app and the web? Is the log in the same?

Yes. The logins are the same.

What is Enertalk?

Enertalk is a software application built by our partner, Encored.

Home Energy Study

How will I know if I was successful in lowering my energy use when asked (to count towards my reward)?

Once your electricity use information is ready to view, you will be sent a message notifying you to check your app. You will be able to view how you did in the app. There will be a graph displaying your energy use before, during, and right after, the time you were asked to reduce your electricity use. You will also have a chance to see your typical energy use. If you use less energy than usual, then you will meet the requirements to count toward the reward.

Is there a penalty for not responding to a request to reduce energy?

No. There is no penalty for not responding to a request to reduce energy.

How many times do I need to reduce my energy when requested to be eligible to take the Home Energy Study survey?

It is important to participate in the events to help make the home energy study useful. You must participate in at least two events to be eligible.

I’m going on vacation during the program, can I still participate in the Home Energy Study?

Absolutely! You can disregard any notification messages for requests to reduce energy that you are unable to respond to, whether you are on vacation or at home.