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Questions and Answers

This page contains questions submitted to CPA about the battery rebate program as well as the CPA responses.

Project eligibility

Is the program aimed at specific ownership models or intended uses?

There are no restrictions on ownership models, system sizes or intended uses, as long as the system is located at the site of a CPA customer and available to participate in the Power Response Program.

Are projects funded through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) eligible?

Yes, you will qualify with a PPA as there are no restrictions on ownership models, as long as the system is on a CPA customer site and can be enrolled in the Power Response Program.

Are systems over 550 kWh eligible?

Yes, larger systems can still receive incentives, but the incentive levels are capped at 550 kWh, or $68,750 for systems taking the ITC and $96,250 for systems not taking the ITC (e.g., for non-profits or public entities not able to take advantage of tax incentives).

Does the requirement that “Customers must enroll at least 50% of battery capacity in the CPA Power Response Program to receive incentives” require that the size of the battery has to be doubled to leave enough capacity for peak power demand?

The 50% only needs to be available during the Power Response event window (4-9 on weekdays) and will be dispatched a maximum of 5 times a month and 35 times a year. Depending on how you propose to use your system, you may not have to double the system size to have this capacity available to the program. Technical assistance is available if you would like assistance in properly sizing a battery for your needs. If the system will be used for backup power, it is important to note that the program will never call an event when there is an outage planned for the customer service area (e.g. PSPS).

Can a customer apply for funding at more than one site?


Are applicants receiving SGIP funding or ITC tax incentives also eligible for this incentive?

Yes. Applicants taking an SGIP incentive and/or ITC tax credit are also eligible for this incentive, but the incentive will be capped at the difference between the total system cost and other incentives received by the customer.

Application Logistics

What level of technical support are CPA/Olivine offering customers interested in the Battery Rebate?

CPA/Olivine can offer limited technical support in sizing a battery system for your intended application(s).

Will funds be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis?

No. The application will remain open until the incentives are exhausted. There will be a first round of application review for any applications received prior to December 17th, and then additional application reviews going forward until funds are exhausted. Applicants submitting their application by December 17th should hear back by January 15th. For applications submitted after December 17th, you should hear back roughly approximately a month after submitting your application.

Is the funding cap per site or per customer?

Per site.

Is there any flexibility on the milestone dates?

Yes, while CPA is looking for customers that can meet this timeline, exceptions may be available for customers that cannot meet the proposed schedule. CPA encourages customers uncertain about project timing to still submit an application.

If a solar developer applies for the incentive on behalf of a public agency that isn’t eligible for the ITC, would the developer apply as an organization that is eligible or not eligible for the ITC?

If the ITC applies to the project, the applicant should apply as an organization that is eligible.

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