about us

The Olivine Community is based on the idea that great things happen when we all work together. By joining us, you will become part of a growing movement that helps you earn money or other rewards, reduce costs, and help curb pollution to improve overall air quality.

How? It’s simple. When you join the Olivine Community, you will receive notices to reduce your home or business energy use through simple actions on occasions when there is a large, unexpected demand for energy in your area or when the air quality is worse than normal. When you reduce energy usage in your home, power plants don’t have to produce as much energy, so there is less pollution created. And, shifting the times when you use energy can mean more power is produced from clean, renewable resources.

California’s rapidly transforming clean energy sector is changing the way people think about and use energy. We want to make sure all Californian’s have the opportunity to participate including low-income residents, who typically aren’t active in energy efficiency programs.

Switching away from fossil fuels increases energy resilience and opens new opportunities for Olivine Community members to earn when they save energy. Residents and commercial ratepayers have already benefited from working together. That’s the power of community. Won’t you join us?


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More about Olivine

Olivine, Inc. is a California-based company focused on helping the state meet its ambitious renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. We run innovative programs for cities, counties and utilities that help their residents and customers increase access to cost and energy saving initiatives.

Recent studies have shown that low-income communities suffer from some of the worst air quality in California. As a result, asthma and other pollution-related health conditions are much higher in these neighborhoods. At Olivine, we put a special emphasis on ensuring that low-income families have access to California’s extensive energy efficiency funding because we believe that every person deserves affordable electricity regardless of their zip code.

To learn more about Olivine, please visit www.olivineinc.com