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Making clean energy a reality for everyone
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The Ways We Work

Communities are stronger when they work together

When you’re part of a community, you have a stronger voice to bring about change. Join the Olivine Community to help build a cleaner, healthier community for everyone.

Everyone can participate regardless of zip code

Our innovative programs are accessible to everyone no matter how much they make, where they live or community they belong to.

Building a bridge between clean energy and you

Your energy use during peak demand times means power plants run less and pollute less. Shifting the times when you plug in also puts more clean, renewable energy on the grid.

Earn money while saving energy with simple changes

Unlock cost-savings for you and your family by taking control of your energy use and taking simple actions to reduce energy use during peak demand times.

Learn About Programs Near You

Olivine Community supports local programs in a growing number of California cities. Learn more about a program in your town or join our statewide Olivine Energy Program.
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